SimpleBackups works with a fixed monthly subscription.

We have 3 plans, each offering a certain number of backup jobs and a set of features.

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The only moment where we might introduce a "variable pricing" / "usage-based pricing" is when using our "SimpleStorage storage provider" or for "server-less bandwidth".

Let's first clarify some terminology:

- Number of backup jobs: the number of backups you can configure. We do not limit the number of backup runs.
- SimpleStorage: similar to any storage provider, except that it is pre-configured and part of your SimpleBackups subscription
- Server-less bandwidth: bandwidth used when you have backups using our own server as "backup workers", meaning we create a server that will perform the backups of your server/databases/storage rather than levering yours

Note about Storage provider cost:
A SimpleStorage quota is included in every plan, meaning you can use that quota without any additional cost.
You can also start with using SimpleStorage quota and later on switch to another storage.
The price of your SimpleBackups subscription does not include any external storage provider cost.
So, let's say, you're on a Startup plan and decide to switch to Wasabi for 100GB of storage. This storage will be invoiced by Wasabi separately, and your SimpleBackups license will remain unchanged.

To put it short, we're "storage" agnostic, so you can plug or unplug SimpleBackups to any storage, our pricing does not depend on your storage usage except if you rely on our own SimpleStorage provider.

For plan comparison, you can find everything here:

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