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What can you back up with SimpleBackups?
What can you back up with SimpleBackups?
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SimpleBackups can be used for a variety of use cases.
Our users range from, digital agencies, developers, SaaS owners, and gamers to e-commerce owners and hosting companies.

In a nutshell, SimpleBackups allows you to do 4 things:

Files & Folders backup

Connect your server and select the files and folders you want to be backed up.
We're server agnostic, as long as we can establish a connection to your server we'll be able to back it up.

Database backup

We support: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis.
Your database can be self-hosted or a managed service database, in both case you'll be able to back it up.

Storage replication

Storage replication allows you to synchronize periodically the content of your storage (S3, Dropbox, Google Drive,...) to any other storage.

Server/Volume Snapshots

With snapshots, you can take an actual image of your entire instance. This image will be stored on your provider and can be restored there. Note that snapshots can't be downloaded.

Service backup (SaaS backup)

You can back up cloud services and store them on your preferred storage.
You'll need to connect your service to SimpleBackups and select your backups preferences.
SimpleBackups is fully integrated with cloud services like GitHub, Knack ...

Worth knowing

  • You can store your backups on your own storage (except for Snapshots)

  • You can user "serverless" backup to backup database as a service

  • More information about how we deal with security & privacy:

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