Ok, so you want to backup a website (or any files actually) or a database?
Well, first thing first, you'll have to configure the server that will have to be backed up.

Configure your server (to be backed up)

We offer 3 ways of connecting to your server:

  • Rapid Server Setup (what we'll talk about here)

  • SSH password: if your server requires a password

  • SSH Key: Similar to the Rapid Server Setup but with some additional options

Rapid Server Setup

Once the "Rapid Server Setup" option has been selected, we'll provide you with a command that contains a unique ID (API Token), that once ran on your server, will take care of:

  • Configuring your server and installing the required components to run backups

  • Creating the connection within your server and SimpleBackups

That's it, once the script ran, you'll be able to configure your backup.

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