In this "Getting Started" article, I'll show you how to store your backups on Amazon (AWS) S3.

Make sure your have an Amazon S3 bucket configured before reading further.

Ok, so let's get started, connect to your account and go to the create a new storage scree.

Where do you want to store your backups?

With SimpleBackups you can store your backup on most cloud storage solutions available, in this case you'll have to select "Amazon S3 Storage".

Right below you'll have to input your S3 Bucket credentials (you can read more about how to create these credentials here)

Make sure you type in your AWS S3 bucket name correctly.

Finalize and create

Just name your storage (usually we like to use AWS S3 - name of your bucket), hit save and you're done.

You'll now see your AWS S3 storage as a backup storage option.

  • SimpleBackups account creation

  • Connect your server to SimpleBackups in 1 command

  • Create your first backup

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