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How do I change the temporary backup folder?
How do I change the temporary backup folder?

Change the temporary backup folder used by SimpleBackups.

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By default SimpleBackups will store its temporary backup file in /home/{user}/simplebackups_ops.
This folder is mainly used to store your backups until they're fully transferred to your storage.

Sometimes you might want to change this directory and here is how to do it (*1):

1. Go to the server list and click the "Edit" button

2. Change the "Operation Directory" to the volume and path you want your temporary files to be saved and click on "Save changes".

3. Go back to that same "Server Edit page" and copy the reconnect line to your server.

4. Once ran click on "Validate Server Connection"

That's it, next backup will use this folder to store it's temporary files.
โ€‹Don't forget you don't have to worry about removing anything manually from this folder or to think about space allocation strategy, SimpleBackups handle the entire backups process fully without any manual intervention needed!

(*1) One of the main reason you might want to do this, is if the database or files you want to backup are large or if your main drive is low on storage, in this case you might want to use a drive in which you know you'll have enough free temporary space.

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