What is the Backup Trigger URL?

It is a unique URL for every backup you have that can be used to run that backup immediately with without having to log in to SimpleBackups.

Example use cases:

  1. Give your client or another developer a URL they can use to run that backup.

  2. Run your backup on a custom interval, let's say every X minutes/hours.

  3. Run your backup before you deploy a new version of your app.

  4. Run your backup on-demand using a single URL when needed.

How to use the Backup Trigger URL?

  1. Create a backup on SimpleBackups.

  2. View the newly created backup or an already existing backup.

  3. Under the Backup Trigger URL you will find a URL that you can use in a cURL function, a Zapier integration, cron, deploy script, share it with a developer or use it to run your backup on-demand.

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