If you would like to run your back up every hour or at any needed schedule, you can either choose the custom schedule option and use cron syntax to your liking or use the Backup Trigger URL to do so.

In this guide I will explain how to do so using the Backup Trigger URL. You can follow this guide to create them using Zapier.

What is the Backup Trigger URL?
It is a unique URL for every backup you have that can be used to run that backup immediately with without having to log in to SimpleBackups.

Example use cases:

  1. Give your client or another developer a URL they can use to run that backup.

  2. Run your backup on a custom interval, let's say every X minutes/hours.

  3. Run your backup before you deploy a new version of your app.

  4. Run your backup on-demand using a single URL when needed.

How to use the Backup Trigger URL?

  1. Create a backup on SimpleBackups.

  2. View the newly created backup or an already existing backup.

  3. Under the Backup Trigger URL you will find a URL that you can use in a cURL function, a Zapier integration, cron, deploy script, share it with a developer or use it to run your backup on-demand.

Creating an hourly backup using a cron job:

0 * * * * curl https://my.simplebackups.io/api/backup/ff2482a0-32ca-46ff-afd3-eb1sd0f74328/run?api_token=NQgddC44VPTP4K2JKgZk

or if you are using Laravel Forge you can easily create an hourly backup as shown:

Reach out to us if you find that feature useful, want to suggest another use case or need any help setting it up!

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